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*The following testimonials are just some of the many encouraging comments we received from our clients. All of these testimonials are excerpts from real and actual client feedback. We routinely ask our clients to leave us comments and feedback to help us continue to offer the highest degree of client service.
 While we are proud of our service and the kind statements offered below, no testimonial should be construed as any kind of guarantee of outcome for any given legal matter. There are many aspects with legal issues that can result in less than favorable results for clients due to the nature of the legal process. To learn more about our Philosophy, Process and some Tips on How to Shop for Legal Services please click on the link in this sentence.
“Compared to attorneys who have helped me in the past, Lantern Legal saved me around $1,000 on this USPTO Service Mark application. They also saved me lots of time compared to others. I really do like the intellectual property attorneys I've worked with in the past. But the Lantern Legal experience takes things to a new level or speed, economy, and personable service. With them you can have all three: fast, inexpensive, and good! I highly recommend them. They are just the best.”   

-           A. A. Rowe

“Lantern Legal was great with everything. They went above and beyond what they were probably required to do. It seemed no matter what questions or concerns I had they had a solution for it.”

-          RQI Investments, Inc.

“Legal Lantern did exactly as advertised. They were prompt, asked the right questions, and followed through to completion. I'd use them again. Thanks!”

-          Cap & Compass, LLC

“Lantern Legal did an excellent job turning around a service provider agreement for my client on very short notice. There were some unusual twists with this contract and Lantern Legal handled it very professionally and quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my trusted colleagues.”

-          University of British Columbia, Continuing Studies

“Highly recommended . . . Produced outstanding results, very pleasant to deal with and a quick turnaround time. Will definitely use again.”

-          DivineMatch, Ltd.

“Attentive and responds quickly and accurately, found creative solutions, and I would use them again anytime, in fact I am going to use them again. Highly, highly recommended!”

-          FieldPower, Inc.

“Lantern Legal is excellent! I was afraid of the results I would get for this kind of project - I was pleasantly surprised. The service was great; they were always available by phone and happy to offer advice.  If your project involves legal documents, you can stop your search here and thank me later!”

-          ScoutMedia, LLP

“Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic! That sums up my experience working with [Natoli-Lapin, LLC]. They were extremely helpful, quick to respond to my questions and completed the job on time. Best of all their services are priced very competitively. I am definitely going to hire them again for all my future legal needs.”

-          VegSoft Interactive, LLC

“This was my first time to set up a corporation. Lantern Legal provided thorough and insightful advice on the pros and cons of LLC vs. C-Corp vs. S-Corp for my specific situation. They also gave me clear advice on the advantages and disadvantages of choosing the state for filing. I learned a lot. The whole project went great.”

-          Dodie Care, LLC

“Lantern Legal was very helpful [with] talking me through the whole process of registering a trademark. I was planning on doing it myself but was so impressed by the way they handled everything I decided to go with them. If I have anything in the future I would like to use [them] again.”

-          J. Hall

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!  . . . Because with Lantern Legal, based on my experience with them..I’m confident that you will be satisfied with their work. I have never worked with anyone via the internet or over the phone, that did such great work, responded IMMEDIATELY, and went above and beyond my expectations . . . YES, Lantern Legal IS that good.  Another great thing is [that they] did not just do what [they were] "supposed" to do, but went  out of their way to make suggestions, which were in my best interest. Lantern Legal really does light the way for entrepreneurs... Small businesses are lucky to have guys like [this] out there.”

-          Express Text, LLC

“Very professional service provider. Communication was excellent and the work exceeded my expectations.”

-          Digital Transformation, Inc.

“Working with Lantern Legal was an excellent experience. We asked for something a bit different in our project and they met the challenge! Communication was excellent. I am impressed!”

-          Simplify 101, Inc.

“These attorneys have been amazing to work with. Very easy start-up, understood well my somewhat complex requirements and delivered on them in good time, even though the project required a change halfway through. Their fees are more than fair and I feel confident knowing that my contracts are now as waterproof as they can be. You want Lantern Legal on your side – I’m glad they’re on mine!”

-          The Maryam Webster Group, LLC

“The quality of work was above expectations. They are very competent, very professional, with polished communication and style. An expert in the field. Project was exactly on schedule.”

-          Overture Equity Advisors, LLC

“Excellent provider - professional, knowledgeable, and timely. They went beyond simply performing the task at hand (incorporation and trademark), and were able to clearly and in detail explain basic legal hurdles facing many young companies. Exceeded my expectations, and would definitely use again.”

-          BeltLife, LLC

“As always, these attorneys were a pleasure to work with. You can't go wrong with Lantern Legal. They consistently provide quality service and always take the time to explain any issues/questions that you may have.”

-          LeaseSavers Global, LLC

“Very prompt and responsive. Accessible via phone which was nice as well. Always provided insightful information.”

-          Inspire Style, LLC

“Lantern Legal exceeded my expectations, were very prompt and professional. I will use them again and recommend to others.”

-          D. Bellini & Company

“Very Professional ... Very quick. Did just what I needed, and answered all my questions, and is willing to help in the future. Great!”

-          RidesClassifieds, LLC

“Excellent provider. Quick, efficient and priced very fairly! Will use again!”

-          HPA Enterprises, Inc.

“Highly-communicative by telephone and email, rapid and thorough work.”

-          Indochina Travel Company, LLC

“Excellent work! Besides completing the work I requested, they provided me with a lot of valuable advice.”

-          F. Yang

“Everything went perfectly on my project with this organization. I would certainly use them again, and would also recommend them to anyone else with a need for legal documents.”

-          Glimpster, LLC

“Great provider! Very responsive and genuinely interested in my project. Will certainly use their services again!”


“Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. I will use your services in future.”


“Lantern Legal worked quickly and provided us with service above our expectations. We would use Lantern Legal again for our legal needs.”

-          Putnam Solutions, LLC

“They did a great job of laying out various options and taking the time to go over the pros and cons of each. He also did a great job of bring the conversion down to my level so that I was not confused with anything he was going over. Responses were very prompt and very professional. I’ll be using them in the future.”

-          Bonza Meals, LLC

“I was extremely impressed. He took the time to explain things to me so that I understood. He made himself available to answer my questions. I got way more than I expected. I will use him for everything for my US company. He treated me with respect, which is extremely important to me.”

-          GALO Granite and Tile, LLC

“They did a very nice job drafting the legal documents. They always promptly replied to my questions. I would recommend this legal service provider to other customers.”

-          HigherEdMedia, LLC

“WOW! You do not need to look any further!!!! I was concerned when looking for a lawyer online; my biggest question was “would they deliver?” I had received some quotes from Lawyers where I lived and for a while I thought that would be the best way to go, since I thought I would get one-on-one service that I could trust. Natoli-Lapin was not only 50 percent less expensive but they went well beyond the call of duty... And they were so competent and easy to work with... I highly recommend them to anyone. I wish there were more providers like them . . .”

-          10 STAR Enterprises, Inc.

“Great communicator. Delivered everything on time and as promised. Will use again.”


“They were awesome! I'm a first time entrepreneur and it was great to have found a provider who was willing to do not only the job that was posted, but also advise me on numerous topics, field a bevy of phone calls and emails, do research for special requests and respond to calls and emails immediately. I have already hired them for other projects, and will definitely continue to do so in the future... Thank you so much!”

-          Domus Innovations, LLC

“Lantern Legal exceeded my expectations by a long shot. If you are nervous because you know very little about law, they will walk you through it and explain the process in a way you can understand. I highly recommend them.”

-          J. Cevallos (The Swing Mechanic)

“My experience with this firm was fantastic. So thorough, knowledgeable, and as efficient as can be. The next legal job I have will go straight to them.”

-          SKIN FIX IT, Inc.

“This firm provided some of the best service I have had online. I will use their services again and recommend to anyone. They provided more than I expected, consulted on the phone and answered all my questions without hesitation.”


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